Family Bowling

We attended a birthday party at a bowling alley for one of the boys in our cohousing group. It was the first time our children have been bowling and it won't be the last! Both kids loved it!

The kids had the gutter guards put up so the adults had to bowl in a separate lane (adults are hard on the gutter guards apparently). This meant that the kids only got through 6 frames while the adults got through 14. The kids also learned not to play with the bowling balls on the rack as the incoming ones come in fast and hard - rather high possibility for pinching your fingers...

Blaise was the big winner on the kids side, though just a few points ahead of the birthday boy.

Amber cleaned all the adult's clocks with strikes and spares (and luck, since this is the first time she's bowled since Montreal, 2004).

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Amber said...

Yeah I surprised myself even :)