Eye Lid Twitch

Both of my upper eye lids have been twitching regularly for the last 2-3 weeks. According to a coworker, it's due to stress and lack of sleep. This is confirmed by internet research.

I find it remarkable how my body is telling me very clearly that I am being subjected to too much stress and yet I am still able to function uninhibited. Rather than putting me into a coma where I would be relieved of stress and given an opportunity to catch up on rest, I just get a persistent irritant.

Indeed I've been stressed - and it's not distress, just a lot on my plate. Plenty left to do... as long as it's only my eye lid twitching I should be fine.

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Dan the Man said...

Your perspective on the issue is a very interesting one.

You perceive that you are able to function uninhibited, yet similar research to what you looked up likely shows that this is not so.

The same perception is had by many who claim to "hold their liquor". They get more and more and more uninhibited.

Not that I'm implying anything - other than you need to get your sleep, of course. =)