Game Shows

While visiting my grandmother (mémère in French) in New Brunswick I had the pleasure of watching TV with her. Because her mobility is limited, she spends all day watching TV, reading, feeding her pets, and sleeping. Aside from some classic sitcoms, most of what is playing on the tube is game shows.
  • Family Feud (way too much clapping, the questions are more risque than they used to be, and the prize money is not that much considering they have to share it between 5 people - and they only win the grand prize less than half the time).
  • Let's Make a Deal (definitely the funniest of all these game shows with Whose Line is it Anyway alumni Wayne Brady, the contestants are all in costumes and Brady regularly sings songs, the chances of winning are completely random as half the prizes are Zonks and the others are similar to Price is Right prizes)
  • Millionaire (The spinoff of Who Wants to be a Millionaire hosted by Meredith, really quite the frustrating game since the questions range from elementary to really obscure pop culture, I was impressed that most players played safe compared to the nuts in Let's Make a Deal)
  • The Price is Right (Drew Carey brings a certain non-chalence to this show now that Bob Barker is gone, it's like he doesn't really want to be there, but that grin is hilarious, the games need updating too)
  • Wheel of Fortune (It still bugs me that people can walk away from Wheel of Fortune with more money than the Jeopardy! winners, but hey, Vanna White right?)
  • Jeopardy! (Most fun to play along with by far!)
  • Atomes Crochus (This is a word association/language game from Québec so there isn't much money at stake, Mémère and I would laugh the entire show because we didn't really understand a lot of what was going on)


Debby said...

Remember when I used to watch Price is Right everyday when I would do my excercise bike? Maybe you were in school ....but I really enjoyed that....And then my all time favorite was of course Jeopardy. When I stayed at Memere's for a summer when you were a baby she got me into a soap opera, Another World. I was hooked on that for a while but quit when I realized I was getting too obsessed.

Zaak said...

I do remember the Price is Right - everyday, followed later at 3 with Another World.

Obsessed, like with American Idol obsessed?

Debby said...

More obsessed with Another World, Zaak :) ....I had less going on then as a stay at home Mom out in the country. When my 3 young kids insisted they needed to watch the soap with me I thought it was time to quit (also the fact that it was on my mind way too much)