Barrier Lake

Before the summer expired, but just into the school year, one of my coworkers invited Blaise and I out for a day of canoeing on Barrier Lake. Richard is one of the elementary teachers at my school so I don't really see him much, but we have some shared passions (music, canoeing, our sons, etc.) so it was good to spend the day unhindered by supervision schedules.

Barrier Lake is a man made lake in Kananaskis Provincial Park. A controlled dam at the lake's outlet allows for manicured kayaking courses on the river too. Surrounding the lake are the Canadian Rocky Mountains - just 60 minutes away from my house.

Richard's new canoe is great - a fibreglass Clipper. I still have all my MacKenzie River gear, so I donned my river shoes, packed my drybags, and we slipped along the lake's edge. Blaise paddled the first hour or so with the emergency paddle. I was impressed that he lasted so long.

We also rescued a dragonfly, bringing him out of the water into the canoe where he dried off and flew away.

After lunch on a little island in the south end of the lake, we paddled clockwise around the lake to complete the circumference. Blaise set aside his paddle for a Spy Kids book and quietly read the rest of the trip. I soaked up the sun, chatted with Richard, and enjoyed flexing my pecs, delts, and traps.

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