My Favourite Part of the Newspaper

We've been getting promotional deals on the Calgary Herald and then with the National Post off and on for the last 6 months. I enjoy reading a selection of articles, but my real fancy comes when I get to the puzzle section. The Post has a terrific Canadian crossword puzzle, and while I enjoy Will Shortz NYT puzzles, they are very American and I can't get many of the clues.

They could improve the Sudokus though by only ever including diabolical ones.

Summer holidays are great too because I actually have time to finish them at breakfast.

In the winter, I tried writing my own crossword puzzles and came close to finishing one before I had to go back to school after a break. I should revisit that and post it here. I could charge $1 per answer. Any takers?

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Debby said...

I'm impressed. I've never done a sudoku and find crosswords very difficult. I used to do them in the paper when we lived in Cap de Cogagne....there was a contest. I'd mail my answers in to win a prize....never won though.