Calloway Park

I have always had a tenuous relationship with amusement parks. My weak stomach and all the noise and gimmicky booths simply don't appeal to me. Since Amber feels the same way we were unsure as to how Blaise and Acadia would feel when we visited Calloway Park (since they get car sick all the time).

They loved it! And so did I.

The park was clean. All the rides were newly painted. The ride operators were friendly.

We went to the park earlier this month after some urging from my sister and her family. My mom joined us as did my brother-in-law's brother's family. The morning was uncrowded and we had great weather. By the afternoon the line-ups were getting longer, but the kids were no less enthusiastic about the rides.

Blaise and Acadia went on almost every ride for their size. We took pictures.

Dean and I filmed ourselves on the roller coaster.

No one got sick. Some cotton candy upon exiting helped the kids cope with leaving too. It was a great day!

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