My Watch Stopped

This morning, at about 5:40 am, my watch of 11 years stopped for the second time.

Amber bought me this Lorus Sports watch for my birthday back in '98, our first year dating. I've had it ever since. Before this watch I had a series of Casio digital watches that would last about 2 or 3 years and then conk out - and it was cheaper (and more fun) to buy a new watch than to replace the battery.

Six years later, when we lived in Montreal, the battery died and I went to a jewelry store and ten bucks later, it was ticking again. Five and a half years later and it has happened again, almost like clockwork.

In Guatemala, I dropped my watch and the glass cracked pretty badly. I bought a couple cheap Casio ripoffs in the market (why wouldn't they make pretend watches of a better brand?), but they would only last a couple days. So, I took my watch to a local jeweler and for Q50 ($7) he replaced the glass and seal and it was like new (except that it would let in some moisture when it rained (which was all the time)). I dropped it about a month later and had to do it all over again.

So, here's to keeping a good watch for as long as possible. Cheers!

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