Spring Brook Farm

This past summer in New Brunswick, I again had the privilege of visiting my childhood friend's farm. Jean-Pierre and I were little buddies when we were pre-schoolers because our parents were good friends. Along with my grandmother, he and his family represent for me my origins and a sense of home as they are geographically static and constants in my whirlwind upbringing and life.

At Spring Brook Farm pigs and chickens are raised with great care. The products are sold mainly at the Dieppe Farmer's Market that was established in large part due to the efforts of Jean-Pierre's father. I had a couple opportunities this summer of tasting the meats and indeed they are exceptional.

The farm is very intentional and passionate about spreading the ideals of eating well (not that I disagree with them at all). In this world, they are almost voices crying out in the wilderness.

An example of their great practices is this chicken coop. Every day or two, they drag the building ahead with a tractor giving the chickens fresh grass to eat and leaving behind droppings to fertilize the soil. It takes just about a week to see the soil return to a rich green state after having heaps of free range chickens claw up the ground.

I'm envious of their lifestyle as I'd love to raise my kids on a farm as opposed to suburbia.

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