Zipped Up

About 3 weeks ago, I signed up for Zip.ca, an online DVD rental site. I pay $25/month and they mail me DVDs with prepaid envelopes to mail the DVDs back. I can have up to 3 films at a time and when I finish viewing one, I mail it back and they send me one the same day (I notify them on the website that I put it in the mail). 

It's been working great! I've watched 7 movies so far - several of which would not even be available at my local video store. Plus there are huge savings. I can easily watch 10 films in a month from zip.ca. That's $2.50 per movie whereas locally I would pay $5 (the same as the going cost to buy a previously viewed movie!). It's also tremendously convenient. I can keep the movies for as long as I like (they actually make more money if I take a long time to watch it). They come right to my door and then I drop them off in a local mail slot on my way to work in the mornings.

The selection is really what I celebrate. They have a multitude of old classics, foreign films, documentaries, and best of all the Criterion Collection. I simply pick the movies I want to watch - I've got 66 in the queue now - and put them in the order I'd like to receive them. They do their best to send them in that order (I usually get movies from my top 10). 

To see what I've been watching lately, check out Zaak Watches Movies (by himself).


Aimée said...

Kevin was telling us abut this, I think.
So you don't have to go to a post office to mail them back? I hate the line-ups.

Zaak said...

No post office and no postage, it's prepaid envelopes so you just have to drop them in a mail slot.

It's awesome!!

kevininspace said...

I've been using Zip for close to 2 years now. Love it. I've mentioned it to countless people here at work and now there are about 4 people who've signed up; everyone who has tried it loves it!

I'm on the 1 DVD/$10.95/month plan, which is enough for me. I can see so many documentaries and foreign films that I'd NEVER find at my local video rental place. And rumour has it that they will start rending video games in the future too. Yay!