Look out for the tapir!

Driving to the World Heritage Site of Tikal in the Peten of Guatemala,
one must be exceedingly cautious.

(though I only saw 4 of the pictured animals the entire trip)


Kevin said...

Ah, but which four? Was the upright bipedal hairless stick figure among them?

Zaak said...

It was among them. In fact, they were the hardest to avoid on the road most of the time, the way they drag that rear leg really slows them down too.

Sirdar said...

What is that thing that looks like a rat?

Zaak said...

It's an ROUS - Rodent Of Unusual Size. Or, to be accurate and less annoying, it's called a white-faced coatimundi. One of them attacked me 4 years ago - gave me quite the fright (attacked might be too strong a word, accosted perhaps?). Here's a picture I took as it happened.