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Oh man! This is too much to handle as the only Edmonton Oiler fan that I know for thousands of miles. I can't wait to check the scores online every second day to see if Edmonton won or not. I was blown away after they beat out first place Detroit, then beating out 5th place San Jose, now ahead 2 games to none against 6th place Anaheim. Yikes! They are getting really close to the Cup. And I can't watch any of the games!!!

All this without Fuhr, Tikkanen, Kurri, Messier, Muni, Anderson,Coffey, Gretzky, and Ranford. They've still got MacTavish, Lowe and Huddy in management and coaching though.

They could be the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup in 13 years. I recognized that all the American teams have huge Canadian player representation. But the Canadian teams have been underdogs for the past 15 years (except for Ottawa, who always chokes in the playoffs). It's so great to see Edmonton going so far.

I've been an Oiler fan since grade 5 when they won their 3rd Cup. I followed them heavily until grade 9, then I lost a lot of interest because money took over the NHL and the game got boring as far as I'm concerned (very defensive playing). I wish I could have watched more games since the NHL has changed.

I want to thank Dean for taking me to my last hockey game back in September. He got us primo tickets to an Oilers exhibition game against the Dallas Stars. It was a great time - though Edmonton lost in overtime.

They're not losing now!


Sirdar said...

Oh ya baby!! The Oilers are doing awesome. Too bad you can't see the games. You could listen to them from NHL.com and get the radio feeds. There is nothing like hearing Rod getting excited. On a low note, CBC has Bob Cole and Harry Neil. They sound like they are still ticked off that the Leafs didn't make the playoffs.

In the two games in Anaheim the crowd was pretty pedestrian. No playoff atmosphere at all. Listen to the game on Tuesday and I think you will know that there is a playoff atmosphere going on here!!


Anonymous said...

I you were willing to wait half a day or so, you can torrent the game from here:


All their playoff games seem to be online at this point.

Since the HABS are out, with no miracle start to the playoffs of their own, I'm all for Oilers at this point.

Danny B.

Sirdar said...

Hope you were able to listen tonight. We won 5-4 but man was it scary for a while. We were up 4-0 and just managed to pull it off. The crowd sang the Canadian anthem while the singer held up the mike. That was neat!!

Oilers are up 3-0 in the series. Methinks we could be going for Lord Stanley's Cup!!

Sistah Girl said...

Man- I wish you could see the mayheim here in the city! Its crazy! Hey I need spanish music from you. Something the kids can sing. You got any? I gotta start practicing

Zaak said...

Oh baby! Stanley Cup Finals, YEEEEE HAAAAAW

Sirdar said...

I was at my nieces tonight and watched the game. She lives just south of 137ave on 118st. When you were walking to the car you could hear horns honking from 137th. As we were driving home on 137th people were honking. There seems to be a bit of excitement here these days...and why not!!


saison said...

YEEE HAAAW! alright! last night was exciting, we watched the game and then went down to White ave to see all the celebrations.... fire works, people climbing light posts, cops, and the smell of weed in the air...I think that half are celebrating the OIlers half just being stupid. The average age out there is 21.... that explains alot! Dean sais to check out pictures of the celebrations on www.bluemile.ca.
I still can't beleive that we are going to the "Big Dance" (Deans term) Wish you were here! Maybe you can catch a game next season around Christmas. Montreal usualy comes around that time! Call us again during a game for a play by play!