My First Feature

3 things are lacking now.

Audio Mixing: engineered by Zaak Robichaud, Canadian in Guatemala.
Soundtrack: currently being composed, recorded and compressed by Justin Jeffery, Canadian in Michigan.
Subtitling: French translation of the transcript by Kevin Bourque, Canadian in Montreal.

So far, it has been previewed by myself, Amber, Saison, and my Papa. Positive comments all around.

Looking forward to submitting it to the Montreal International Film Festival and the Edmonton Film Festival for competition in the Documentary category.


littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Go for it! I often thought that your bike expedition deserved some recognition. It is amazing...I can't wait to see it on film! Congratulations Zaak!

Sirdar said...

Best of luck on the documentary. What bike trip is it about? Is it the cross Canada one that some of the Red Willow people went on?