Flies and Frogs

Houseflies now populate our house. I am not prepared to make concessions on their attempt to squat in my house. Therefore, we have turned to the power of the Fliegenfänger.

Frogs (or perhaps they are toads - I never audited speciation or zoology in Univ.) now populate our yard. I kind of like them. They are quite dextrous (unless a car drives over them) and I have to watch my step if I get in later in the evening.


littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Blech!! actually toads and frogs are really facinating...I was always trying to catch them when I was a kid. ...I've out grown that desire to hold them and I definately wouldn't want to step on one!

Kevininspace said...

I have a sudden urge to sing "There ain't no flies on us, there ain't no flies on us. There may be flies on some of you guys, but there ain't no flies on us."

There, I just sang it.

Sirdar said...

Got to love that Fliegenfänger!! A good German product in a non-German country. Try that in Canada!! The Quebec Language Police would be all over that one.

Neat frogs.