Melocotón & Cacao

Amber purchased this "melocotón" for 8 Quetzales. A melocotón is a peach. This is clearly not a peach.

I purchased these cacao beans for 6 Quetzales. This is what chocolate comes from. The process: roast, peel, grind. Very delish.


Kevin said...

But what is it then? Is it even a vegetable or a fruit?

Love to see the cocoa process. You should video tape the process, like this guy did for coffee.
At around half-way, these coffee beans make a TON of smoke when roasting, so beware those trying this at home!!

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Did you eat that ?...what did it taste like? It looks like a big cucumber.
If you eat those cocoa beans do they keep you up all night?
I am getting more and more interested in visiting your new home...to taste all these things...but mostly to see you guys and kiss Blaises little cheeks

Zaak said...

It was gross, that's what it was. Tasted like paint. Apparently it's a vegetable.

The cacao beans were quite good in a hot drink. Though I think they should have been roasted a bit longer as it tasted a bit green. They have some oil in them, but they don't melt exactly the same as chocolate.