AH! Holidays!

It is so good to be done work. Well.... I still have to type up my report cards, which I will do quickly in the morning. Jobs go fast when I'm almost finished.

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next weekend. I've been thinking of shaving down to a moustache for the event. All of my classmates will remember me with a moustache, but I really won't be a moustache guy. Or even getting a wig.

I'm stoked about this coming week. I can do lots of running, beaching, reading, eating, movie watching, guitar playing, ice cream making, movie editing, and best of all visiting with Memere, Papa, and Amber.

I voted on Monday at an advance poll after a 20 minute registration. Go Maria Pia Chavez, Go! She's a grade 5 teacher in Lachine.

Go to political compass to see calculate your politique.


Ice Cream

I have made ice cream. Tonight, as I was pumping iron, I realized I still had a wee bit of strength in me and that I could pick up some ingredients on the way home. I hobbled in to the Metro on Somerled and chose some prime maple syrup, some walnuts, and a couple (thinking ahead) cartons of cream. I made Maple Walnut Goat Milk Ice Cream. The only milk I had was goat's milk that I bought on a whim last week because I hadn't ingested it in years. It adds a nice dimension to the dessert. In total, about 1.5 L was produced in about 45 minutes. I look forward to trying the hardened result tomorrow.April and Amber helped document the event.

I thank Kevin and Aimée for their encouragement in this matter.

Kevin told me about politicalcompass.com yesterday. Of the famous politicians and activists, I am most like Ghandi. With this, I am satisfied.



Kevin animatedly convinced about getting my blog powered by blogger.com. I am impressed by it. Much less work and far more reward by me. He wasn't necessarily trying to convince me, but he had that wild look in his eye meaning, this is one world shattering institution that I shouldn't miss out on. So, I've now transferred all of my old blogs to zaakistan.blogspot.com.

I haphazardly registered an account with blogger over a year ago and forgot about it.

Now everyone can leave comments. Send me links to your blogs and I'll post them among my links.


United Nations

I gave a challenging but fair exam to my grade 9s this morning. They are a great bunch of kids. The student council president, Joe, calls our school the United Nations. In grade 9 alone I have students representing Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Trinidad, Haiti, Ghana, United States, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Egypt, St. Vincent, England, and of course Québec. In grade 10 and 11, I have students from Vietnam, Hungary, Russia, Palestine, Barbados, China, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia, Iran, Lebanon, Romania, Italy and Philippines (thanks Aatam).

I was asked to help out with the elementary sports day this afternoon. The kids are so loud, not unlike the high school kids I suppose. Amber has pains from it all, and a sunburn.

I picked up my ice cream maker, so another life goal accomplishment is just around the corner, and some terrific tastes! I am a little dismayed at my discovery that ice cream is riddled with raw egg. So is Amber, dismayed, not riddled with raw egg.


Mark Zaak mark.

I produced the second of our home movie DVD series this weekend. I'm pretty satisfied with the music videos that I made too. The DVD burned quicker than I anticipated too, so I inadvertently burned 3 copies because I thought the DVDs it was spitting out were rejects. They will make nice gifts.

The Calgary Flames lost last night in overtime: heart-breaking. This means I will lose sleep tomorrow night too. Today is a day of marking student papers. Does anyone out there feel my enthusiasm?



My Weakness

Amber tricked me into going to the YMCA tonight. I thought I felt weak before I went, now the meaning of weakness is far clearer.