Ice Cream

I have made ice cream. Tonight, as I was pumping iron, I realized I still had a wee bit of strength in me and that I could pick up some ingredients on the way home. I hobbled in to the Metro on Somerled and chose some prime maple syrup, some walnuts, and a couple (thinking ahead) cartons of cream. I made Maple Walnut Goat Milk Ice Cream. The only milk I had was goat's milk that I bought on a whim last week because I hadn't ingested it in years. It adds a nice dimension to the dessert. In total, about 1.5 L was produced in about 45 minutes. I look forward to trying the hardened result tomorrow.April and Amber helped document the event.

I thank Kevin and Aimée for their encouragement in this matter.

Kevin told me about politicalcompass.com yesterday. Of the famous politicians and activists, I am most like Ghandi. With this, I am satisfied.

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