United Nations

I gave a challenging but fair exam to my grade 9s this morning. They are a great bunch of kids. The student council president, Joe, calls our school the United Nations. In grade 9 alone I have students representing Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Trinidad, Haiti, Ghana, United States, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Egypt, St. Vincent, England, and of course Qu├ębec. In grade 10 and 11, I have students from Vietnam, Hungary, Russia, Palestine, Barbados, China, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia, Iran, Lebanon, Romania, Italy and Philippines (thanks Aatam).

I was asked to help out with the elementary sports day this afternoon. The kids are so loud, not unlike the high school kids I suppose. Amber has pains from it all, and a sunburn.

I picked up my ice cream maker, so another life goal accomplishment is just around the corner, and some terrific tastes! I am a little dismayed at my discovery that ice cream is riddled with raw egg. So is Amber, dismayed, not riddled with raw egg.


aatam-p said...

hi mr. robichaud its one of your students aatam p. from last year's grade10 class in greaves academy.. anywayss
i just wanted you to know everything is going well here ps u forgot to mention my country the philipines =P anywayss talk to you layter cyaa...

Zaak said...

Aatam, I thought putting you at the center of the photo would be enough! But you are right, The Philippines should be added to the list.

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