Touring Victoria, BC

Flew into Victoria Int'l on Friday night after a delayed connection in Vancouver due to fog. The flight from Van was only 13 minutes. The delay was over an hour. I walked off the plane into a light mist and then to the bus stop where the bus rolls by once per hour. I had called transit and learned the bus would depart 20 minutes after arrival. While the shuttles were filling up, I sat alone on little bus. It was a 6 minute ride to the exchange just off the highway where I waited for the 70X which goes between the ferry docks of Schwartz Bay and downtown Victoria (a 30 minute drive (or 60 minute bus ride). 70X was a little late, but I didn't care! It was a double-decker bus and there was a free seat on the upper deck. Too Cool. I got off 2 blocks from my hostel, Ocean Island Backpackers Hostel.

I arrived too late to eat at a restaurant, so I enjoyed a delicious curry bowl at the Ocean Island Cafe. I slept on a bunkbed in a dormitory and only met a couple German girls who are travelling the west coast. The other guests came in after I was sleeping and were still sleeping when I left in the morning.

As I was there for the marathon, I went for a quick 3 km run through downtown and along the shore. I watched harbour light up and absorbed the cool air. It took me right back to living in the Marshall Islands.

A quick shower and check-out/check-in to the room Marc and I shared and I was off in a light drizzle to Discovery Coffee, six blocks away. I ordered a couple baked goods and a light roast espresso which was stellar! So stellar that I ordered another.

I read by book, Culture, Commonweal and Personhood by Lazar Puhalo (just across the water), whilst taking in the coffee, cafe aromas, groovy tunes, and the torrents of rain outside. I ordered a third coffee - a pour over light roast. So yummy.

I met up with Marc at Ocean Island and we picked up our marathon package at the fitness fair. Then we were ready to carb up. I picked Swan's Brewpub and had a flight with Riley's Scotch Ale, SOS Oatmeal Stout, IPA, and Coconut Porter. Oh and a big plate of eggs, sausages, bacon and pancakes. Marc and I chatted about religion.

Marc went to visit an aunt and uncle, so I went for a walkabout in the north-central part of downtown initially hoping to sample some Phillips beer at their brewery, but it was pretty crowded with folks filling growlers and I had already tried the ones they had on tap, so I just had a look around. Most impressive was Phillips yard of fermenters and kegs ready to ship.

There was a nice furniture store and a Value Village that drew me in for a while. I browsed VV's book section and formed a nice collection of books that I had no choice but to re-shelve and leave behind. I enjoyed some edamame (so many I couldn't finish) and a giant veggie burrito at Ocean Island along with a pint of Blue Buck before heading to the theatre to see Gone Girl - which was spectacular.

Before heading to bed I laid out my marathon gear and packed up everything else. The hostel was pretty loud through the night, but I had earplugs.


Dan the Man said...

Usually when people are carb-loading, they don't mean with beer!

Zaak Robichaud said...

Beer is great though.