Math 30-1 Diploma Exam

In January, my grade 12 math students wrote their diploma exam, a provincial requirement and a university placement helper. They did superbly! I have to brag a little since I had a class of 24 with wide ranging skills and because of a schoolwide scheduling change 15% less instructional time to deliver the course than what was previously allotted (and recommended, and possibly required...).

The course is very demanding with nine pre-calculus units:

  • Functions  and  Relations   
  • Transformations on Functions 
  • Exponential  and  Logarithmic  Functions
  • Applications   of   Exponential   and   Logarithmic  Functions
  • Polynomial  Functions  and  Equations
  • Permutations  and  Combinations
  • Analyzing  Radical  and  Rational  Functions
  • Trigonometry  –  Functions  and  Graphs
  • Trigonometry  –  Equations  and  Identities
My students scored on average 10% higher than the province (which had a 24% failure rate). We also had a tight standard deviation of 15.5 whereas the province had a spread of 20.1.

So! Congratulations to my stellar students!


Dan said...

Congrats to their obviously fantastic teacher!

Bill said...

Nicely done!! (I'm a little behind on this blog). Just FYI - "possibly required..." it is not. In fact, CCS is looking into the same type of flex scheduling.