R400 on the Road Again

After taking Blaise on his first real ride, almost 14 km, around our local neighbourhoods, I decide to invest some serious hours in cleaning up my bike. This summer I celebrate 10 years since I cycled from Tsawassen, BC to Robichaud, NB. In that time, I have not changed my chain or replaced the tape on my handlebars. I haven't replaced the brake or gear cables either, but I'm not going to try that without some real help.

I've had a new chain with me since the trip as well as a Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur component. My chain is filthy and is probably stretched like crazy so it's definitely in need of replacement. The derailleur is better off on my bike than in a box, so I'm going to swap it out too. I pick up a chain breaker and some new handlebar tape. Four or five YouTube videos and about six hours later, everything works well including the gears even change nicely. I managed a good cleaning of the bike and the rear cassette too.

Feels like a new Cannondale R400 now.

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gottadothis said...

Wow, it's been 10 years already.