Wild African Animals

Prior to going to Africa, I had Amber's blessing to buy a 300 mm zoom lens for my camera. Oh, I wish I had made a better effort to actually go and buy it. Anyway, I got these shots of animals in the iMfolozi-Hluhluwe Game Reserve in South Africa. Thanks to the Waldron family for taking me along!!

elephants - didn't see many, and all from a distance

giraffes - very fun to watch in herds

baby zebra - note that it isn't "zee-braw," but rather "zeb-raw"

white rhinoceros - we saw a total of 32 of these, often on the road, so we had to turn around in this instance, we didn't see any of the rarer black rhinos

leopard - cool sighting since it is rare to spot during the day, not sleeping

leopard tortoise - it was moving

cape glossy starling - very pretty

warthog - lots of these in groups, they kneel when they eat and their tails go up when they move, like a flag on an a banana bike

baby warthogs

guinea fowl

vervet monkey - they are like squirrels

wildebeest - among my favourites, so wild looking

cape buffalo - this one was super old and haggard looking

dung beetle - very fun to see it working

impala - very prolific

baboons - a family with red butts

showdown - cape buffalo vs. white rhino, the rhino backed down

nyala - this is a female, the males are darker and have long horns

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