A Visit to the Howe Sound Brewpub

Not realizing that the Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Company was in Squamish, I've actually missed sampling at the source several times before last summer. But, then I was informed...

I visited the brewpub with my wife and sister on the first night of our visit to the painfully scenic town of Squamish. I got sampler which gave me seven 3-oz glasses of their award winning brews that were on tap.

  • 4-Way Fruit Ale - Simply a fantastic summer beer; fresh and fruity. Tasted several times following this.
  • Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale - Not a particularly outstanding beer, but it's not my favourite style either. 
  • King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen - I was really blown away by this one due to its powerful banana notes and yet it didn't turn the flavour into something too sweet or sticky. Bought a couple litres a couple days later.
  • Devil's Elbow India Pale Ale - One of two Howe Sound beers I had had before hand. This is a nicely crafted IPA kindly flavours, but slightly unbalanced aftertaste. Quite enjoyable. 
  • Baldwin & Cooper Best Bitter - I don't remember what this tasted like. Will have to retry.
  • Rail Ale Nut Brown - Very tasty dark beer, but seemed a little thin.
  • Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout - Oh so yummy. A pint of this will keep you warm at night.

This is Howe Sound from the top of The Stawamus Chief.

Brad and I took a tour of the brewery a couple days later. Their first stage tanks (part of which is seen below) were being replaced the next day.

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