Marathon Training: Day 115/118

Three days before the big day.

I've been holding out posting this lovely photo. Nipple chafe is not fun, so I cut band-aids so they don't have to get stuck to a pile of chest hairs.

My biggest run came almost 2 weeks ago. I covered 32 km in about 3.5 hours. I only realized afterward how slow I was going and getting a little lost in some valley trails made it sort of a frustrating run. It was certainly a beneficial run in that I completed it unhindered, without stopping, and with energy left over (I think). I ate some Sharkies Gummies and a GU along with my homemade electrolyte drink and I think it made a big difference. Last weekend I ran 20 km as tapering down the runs before the marathon helps preserve energy and muscle mass, I have watched both dwindle over the past months. I've lost 15 lbs.

This week I ran two short runs, 6 km and 5 km this week just to keep my body active. I've been neglecting my cross-training and weight training and I hope I don't pay too dearly for that.

I'm looking forward to my little solo trip to Vancouver, though I'll miss my family. I'll spend the weekend with both my sisters and their families and I'll get a chance to visit my two Australian cousins too.

I think it's normal to be filled with anticipation and dread as I think of the 42 kms that await me. I'm confident that I will complete it, but I'm certain also that I will suffer in those final minutes.

Now I have to pack and read through all the updates sent to me by the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

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