It's raining now. Pretty hard. I hear it through my school ceiling as my calculus students write their last chapter test. As I listen to it, a wave of peace comes over me and I wonder why. Now I remember. When we were in Guatemala, the constant awareness that our security was never sure weighed heavy on me; whether it was the threat of theft or assault, it was always there. Except when it rained. I felt safe behind the noise of loud rain on my roof because I didn't think a thief would venture out in such a downpour.

Though, it was a false security because it was the perfect time to strike. The audio levels were so high during a storm that a thief could probably smash through a lock or break a window without the residents hearing the ruckus.

Regardless, I still enjoy the peace that comes with rain.

Biblically, rain symbolized security: the crops would succeed. In Canada, rain reduces the risk of forest fire so fire bans are lifted.

(Plus it means it's not snowing.)

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