On Break, At Home

It's Tuesday. I've been off work for 11 days now. I still have 5 left.

I was kind of envious of some of my colleagues and students who left for California, Arizona, China, Guatemala, Vancouver, Germany, London, Qu├ębec, etc. while I stayed at home in cold Calgary. But I'm really glad I'm home!
  • I hit the bottle depot.
  • I went to a friend's talk on sustainable and energy efficient building.
  • I went to the doctor.
  • I'm half way through a novel by Douglas Coupland.
  • I went for tea* with a friend.
  • I've spent hours on my latest documentary, completing the script and rough edit and I even got a famous singer to do a song for the film.
  • I helped plan a benefit concert for Ubuntu.
  • I spent a couple hours at a pro recording studio owned by a friend to record some of the narration for my movie.
  • I cleaned out a couple drawers.
  • I wrote 12 posts for my movie blog.
  • I built snowmen with the kids (and pelted them with snowballs, the snowmen and the kids!)
  • I went to church a couple of times.
  • I did a dozen crossword and sudoku puzzles.
  • I'm going to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller tomorrow (the kids are overthetop excited about this).
  • I spent a wonderful night at some friends house for dinner and playing games.
  • I spent some time on the project manager search for cohousing.
  • I'm going to a movie this afternoon with Amber.
  • We're taking the kids to Aggie Days (Agricultural Days in Calgary) later this week.
  • We had some friends over for supper.
  • I watched 5 movies so far.
  • I shovelled our parking spots, twice.
  • I'm doing an info session for cohousing in a couple nights.
  • I attended a cohousing general meeting (and I have another on Sunday).
I'm happy I stayed because almost none of this would have happened if we had gone on a trip (plus we'd be a couple grand poorer too!).

*I gave up coffee for lent. ;)

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Debby said...

I've had some "Staycations" that have been productive and relaxing...doing the things you are always wanting to do when you are working but have no time to do.
I'm very impressed with the list of all the things you've done...and especially getting a professional singer for the music for your documentary! I wish I had seen more of you all while you were off...but it just didn't work out ....I must say that we have quality time together when we get together :) Enjoy Drumheller and the rest of your Staycation