Teaching Calculus

This year I picked up Math 31 in my teaching assignment. It is an introductory course to calculus that only students with
a: high post secondary ambitions
b: a love of math
c: lots of spare time
consider taking. All of my students fit into categories a and b.

I've loved the challenge and content of calculus since I took my intro class in grade 12 and I am enjoying revisiting these amazing concepts after a 12 year hiatus. The real joy is working with such dedicated students. The class average is an impressive 90%.

At the moment, my class is finishing their chapter 3 test on related rates - lots of furrowed brows, focused stares, sketching and calculator buttons being pushed. Such fun!!

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Debby said...

It amazes me that you are my son and I exhibit neither a, b....maybe a bit of c......the love and talent for math, calculus ect...definately comes from your Papa...It's amazing what traits and talents we inherit ...(and I know you've developed and enlarged on both your parents talents)...I look at Blaise and see so much of you in him...(and there's Amber's input too of course)...and little Acadia...reminds me how I was compared to my older sister. Blaise reads and just seems to know...just like you did...and Acadia is absorbing everything in her own way and expressing herself in the most adorable and brilliant ways. It's all so amazing! Everyone is so gifted in so many different ways! I love it!......so, now that I've blathered excitedly ......blathering...that's my talent ha ha