New Cohousing Name

We have been involved with cohousing for about a year now and have since become associate members and then equity members. A couple weeks ago our group, Whiskeyjack Cohousing, merged with Silver Sky Cohousing to form a new group. At our meeting last Sunday, we chose a new name. Prior to the meeting, we were all invited to submit names for the group to choose from. These were my submissions:
Acorn Cohousing
Firefly Cohousing
Hummingbird Cohousing
Snapdragon Cohousing
Riverstone Cohousing
I thought it would be funny to submit these name possibilities too:
Dog Poop Cohousing
Platinum Ukulele Song of Harmony and Peace Cohousing
Run for the Hills Cohousing
It's Different from a Commune Cohousing
Bomb Shelter Cohousing
The name we ultimately chose was Dragonfly Cohousing.

1 comment:

Debby S Allan said...

My favorites are Acorn Cohousing, Run for the Hills Cohousing, It's different from a commune Cohousing..
Dragonfly was ok....And I think Whiskeyjack would have been a nice name to keep