Wine Touring in Acadia

Yesterday, along with my family, I toured three wineries in the local area here in New Brunswick. We did a 2 hour loop passing through Dieppe, Memramcook, Sackville (the name gave Dean and I hours of entertainment), and Baie Verte.

Our first stop was at La Cave a Vin Boudreau in Memramcook. It is run by a couple named Paul and Rose-Marie who began planting their vineyard in 2000. We sampled seven varieties of wine and made a quick visit to the the tiny grapes (there were lots of mosquitos, so we didn't stay there too long). I found the wine to be very flavourful, but not too full bodied. I picked up a couple bottles to take home - a nice Seyval (white) and a Leon Millot (red).

Just down the road about 10 km is the Belliveau Orchards and Bourgeois Farms. There were no grape wines, but a large variety of fantastic fruit and berry wines. I found this to be the most enjoyable one since these products seem to fare the best in this cooler climate. The flavours were more familiar to my palette too: apples, pears, cherries, raspberries and blueberries. We sampled four kinds here - the best being the pear wine.

We picked up enough wine here to warrant a box. How am I going to get this home?

We drove through Sackville and almost to the Nova Scotia border and into Baie Verte to the Winegarden Estate. Amber and I had visited this vineyard four years earlier. It is run by a German family who began the operation since the mid-eighties. They have a large variety of red, rose, white and sparkling wines as well as liqueurs and desert wines.

Amber's favorite was the strawberry rhubarb wine which was a very mild and scented wine. I liked the maple wine - amazing aftertaste and a fair burn in the middle.

I had to pick up the two favorites and the Acadian Rose.

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