63 Hours with the Fishers

I don't watch much TV. When I get the chance, I'll watch Jeopardy or the news. I'm more of a movie guy. When we got back from Guatemala, we lived with my mom. She has the first season of Six Feet Under, an HBO series that ran from 2001-2005. Amber and I started watching it, along with Amber's sister April. Then my friend Kurt told me on the phone that I should try and watch all 5 seasons of the show. 

I was hooked from the get go. The Fisher family runs a funeral home. Faced with death on a daily basis doesn't prepare them for the death of the patriarch, nor with dealing with life. The five seasons span an in depth narrative on life, death, addictions, love, sex, marriage, family, parenthood, art, politics, culture, and religion. The interchange between characters is earthy and familiar generating a seriously sweet pathos.

I highly recommend the series. Rated R.

We finished the final episode on the evening of Amber's birthday last Friday.


Debbu said...

cool, glad that I turned you onto that show...and glad that I watched alot of it with you...except when I was really tired and snored in the armchair with my head thrown back...how embarrassing ha ha

DEBBY said...

miss typed my name...DEBBY NOT DEBBU