What Is Important?

Blaise's Current Vocabulary:
(he's 16.5 months old)

moahmorewuhziswhat's this?
cacacrackerwhoo whoodog
dehdoothank youno-onose
bye byebye byeee-eeear
tahtahtahhot hot hotah-eeeye
cocoPoco (his favorite TV show) or TVqueque (what in Spanish)


Kevin said...

So how do you know if Blaise is asking for you or a papaya? And how does "Bzh" sound?

Zaak said...

Good question. Usually he's pointing to fruit and following up with a "moah, moah" when he means papaya. I should mention that to him strawberries and watermelon and pineapple are considered papaya too.

"Bzh" is pronounced "B" (just the sound, not the "bee") followed by a soft G. In Russian letters: "БЖ"

Zaak said...

I guess Blogger doesn't like Russian letters. (They are the b with a roof and the X with a vertical line through the middle.)

Sirdar said...

Now we know how new languages started. Someone says this object is this sound and pretty soon every one says that sound for that object. Its fun to hear the little minds exploring that new language they need to learn in order to communicate. Pretty soon...small sentences.

Aimée said...

Too Cute! We can totaly relate with the whole mystery language. Noah seems to pick his favorite part of the word and that's his name the the item: 'Ca' for avocado, 'eek' for cheek, 'pa' for grandpa, 'ki' for kiwi and so on. Danny and I can understand about 25 words from him, but it's probably nonsense to the outsider. ;)

Debby said...

Seems like he knows what the words sound like it is just to form them with his mouth...He understands alot more words than he can say...it's absolutely amazing and adorable! I can't wait to hear how he says Grandma!!!! I'll be helping him on that word soon!