This is just like my old journals

One of my life goals is to keep a daily journal for 5 years. I have attempted this goal at least 10 times. Inevitably I get 2 days behind and spend half an hour trying to recollect those 2 days. This exhausts some cortex in my head so that by the time I get at my journal again, I'm 7 days behind... and before I know it I'm bothering Amber with questions like: What did we do that monday after we saw that movie with so-and-so in it?

So, it's been a couple weeks now since I've blogged and much has passed undocumented.

Oh well.

We had a 2 day holiday to Honduras. By spending two nights there we were able to renew our visitor's visas upon entry to Guatemala for another 90 days. This was our first trip with our new 2001 Kia Rio. In total - gas, restaurants, hotel, entry to the Copán Ruins, and more - our trip cost us CAN$250. It would have cost us almost $200 to renew our visas in the Capital, so essentially it was a $50 excursion.

For US$30, "Am I Clear" Jorge guided us at the ruins for 2 hours. It was time to break out the Nikon F65 for real pictures, no more digital nonesense. The most striking memory of the ruins is how intact the idols/carvings/alters are. Much easier to visualize people offering sacrifices and such to these carvings of stone than at Tikal. They have a ball court there where games were played, the winners got to get sacrificed - gladiator deal - talk about "whoops, I scored on myself again!" eh?

(scary huh?) (ok, I took a few digitals)

Christmas was a blast. Gifts Food Drama Phonecalls Fireworks. Amber got me a very thoughtful gift - a lamp, so I can read at night. The lamp has a square shade on which she afixed the four photos shown here.

Currently, I'm working on the new Impact Ministries website. This CSS business is getting a little clearer.


Kevin said...

Oh Zaak, your CSS adventures drive me to jealousy and shame. Ok, not shame. But I so want to understand this arcane yet infinitely useful CSS thingy. Ever been to the CSS Zen Garden? (www.csszengarden.com I think) Are there any tools for WYSIWYG CSS editing? I haven't found any for the PC, although a web-based one would be the best.

Zaak said...

Yeah, CSS Zen Garden is totally awesome.

I was having the hardest time getting CSS to work in my brain. I tried GoLive and DreamWeaver templates to no avail - problems with the browser compatibility. Something finally clicked for me when I used O'Reilly's CSS reference in DreamWeaver and a template from DreamWeaver. It's coming together now.

Les's son, Dave, has a cgi program set up that is going to really make our site high-tech behind the scenes. Check out the splash layout of the site here.