We're Cool

Just so everybody knows, we were not, nor shall we be in the path of Hurricane Stan. But thanks for your concern. School was cancelled nationwide for two days though. Gave me a chance to go up to Fray Bartolome, about a 3.5 hour drive from Tactic. Limestone mountains, green ridges, and palm trees dotted the way there. Les, Rita, and Vicky interviewed some teachers there.

I've been teaching guitar pretty steadily to a few students. Discovered that guitar strings are less than half the cost they are in Canada. These kids are really tenacious, they'll be playing C#M7 in no time.

Hey Carl, would this be considered as desecrating a basketball?


robtherockeet said...

Hey, great shots! Truly! What DVD's are you hoping to get from Santa this year? Have you seen "Les Choristes"? It was nice to hear your voice, and I'm glad Amber has a blog now too. It's a great way to keep in touch. How is our family tree stuff going?

Take care

carlos said...
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Zaak said...

Questions. So many questions.

I would like to receive anything that someone would recommend me seeing (something with substance). I haven't seen "Les Choristes". It was nice to hear your voice too. Family tree stuff is done, see it at ZAAKISTAN.