Avocados - 25 cents each

... and they're green and ripe! Ripe when they're green!!!

I'm learning Spanish pretty well. I figure by Christmas time I'll be quite fluent. This immersion thing is as good as theory declares it to be. I have an English protogé, my neighbour/friend/coworker Walter. We're having lots of fun laughing about the b-v interchangeability and -ed extensions. My English students at school have taught me a lot too. When playing hangman, they put spaces for what they say is an English word (it's English class, so I've placed natural restrictions on the game - no Spanish words) and it ends up being a local town name Paranaagulisijuaquorira or something like that. My marker dude was hung. I've also been commissioned to produce the graduation video - lots of fun to participate in here.

I've set up my office, my temporary office I should say as I will have to clear out when a short term team comes here to stay for a week at a time. It's great! I've got a closet for all my mini DV tapes, books, discs, RCA cables, tools, games, and frisbee. My desk is a slightly warped 6' X 3' table and on it... iMac, PowerBook, iPod, speakers, 3 external HD, miniDV camera, cell phone, and digital camera. Pretty sweet. It's almost like Carl's spread!

[note to zaakistan.como fans: new pictures posted. Got connected to ftp with the help of Dave in Calgary, our network administrator by proxy]


kevininspace said...

Hey guys. You all look so great! Mati is an especially avid fan of the avocado (I'm not; they're ok I guess) and keeps prodding me to taste this "green gold". I will tell him about your avocadoes (does it take an "e" to make it plural?).

Anyways, love the new pics. The one entitled "Zaak and Blaise, hard at work checking email" is great; Zaak, it seems you have already converted young blaze to be a die-hard Mac fan. Look at his gaze into the beautiful G4!

Zaak said...

I believe it does take an "e" to make it plural.

Hey, your photos in bourquefamily.com are fantastic. Come over here and take some prize winning shots.

And it's not the G4 Blaise is gazing at, it's the G5!

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