sleep, oh precious sleep

Blaise was born yesterday and I'm so, so joyful. But I can not rest. every gurgle and whimper wakes me. I've slept about 3 1/2 hours since Amber went into labour - or 5 1/2 hours since 9 am Tuesday - now 5 am Thursday.

Our goals for today: change our sheets and

I forgot the other goal. I am driving grandma Judy to the airport now. buy.

Wow, everyone was totally right about being tired for the rest of my life. It sort of hurts.

Blaise is gorgeous though. Wow, no cry will upset me, just gets me to find the source of his discomfort. I love fatherhood. Wow, and Amber is amazing. This is such a rush.

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Divina said...

Congratulations Zaak and Amber! Blaise is such a cutie! Looks a little like Amber...you think?? Best wishes and lots of love to your little family from Montreal!!