I'm still green

Ah! Dean and Saison have just ordered it.

Amber and I have been discussing whether to get cable or not (our current television status is two fuzzy stations: Global and A-Channel). We just this minute have decided not to get it. We'll save the $500 we'd spend on it this year and put it towards something useful - an iMac G5.... hmmm, though I think Amber was thinking of something a bit more philanthropic.


Amber's 26

I got her some multicoloured orchids this morning and then we chilled at The Crêperie. I'm still enchanted.

alma mater

Amber and I visited CUC for the first time in 4 1/2 years. It hasn't really changed at all except for the dozens of ugly houses built on the campus and all the torn down ones. I did enjoy visiting with so many old friends (Ian, Mandy, Ravi, Kara, Bob, Chanda, Rhanda, Des, Debra, Daryll, Myla, Josh, Garrick, Merle, Garrett, Tiffany, Jerusha, and Jorel). Most of my friends no longer attend church - all for different reasons. God's taking everyone on a journey - I hope!

Amber and I were excited about eating where we had our first date - Kavaccinos - but it was closed, on a Saturday night!

Saison scored two goals in her game and Dean made the all-star team. We went out to eat at BPs after going to the arena.

We spent the night at Mom's. She took me shopping at employee shopping time at Costco Sunday morning.

Amber and I drove by all these geese on the lake where we first kissed.


3-2-1 Warriors

My junior boys team made it to the finals and rocked the other team to the point a parent and the coach of the other team were screaming at the ref (a high school student). If only I was there. So our boys got silver, much better than the shame the gold medalist team now carries for their behaviour.

It was my first experience coaching anything and it was quite a bit of fun. Lots of time, but rewarding to see the kids improve so much in very little time.


I'm the Green

It was a tense two hours. Sarah had South America and Africa early on. She nearly decimated me in Europe after I kept on preventing her from collecting for Africa. Amber step-by-step took Asia and Tim took North America at the last minute. Tim and I shared Australia.

I cashed in my cards for 35 armies, collected for Europe and set to work. I had in mind to slowly take each person on and wipe them out completely so as to take their cards, cash in again, then wipe out the next person and so on. I had unimaginable luck against Amber and the other two atritioned following my victory.



10 000 Tunes

My iTunes library reached the 10 000 mark when I added Edie Brickell's "Picture Perfect Morning" (total now stands at 10 079). I now have 29 days 9 hours 6 minutes 20 seconds of original listening available. Sweet.

Visited mom last night and today. She let me borrow 16 video cassettes of home movies that I am planning on digitizing, editing and producing on DVD. Should be a great Christmas vacation!


Sibelius Symphony #1

Sibelius Monument (I've never been there)

Divine music.

The first time I heard this symphony, it was cassette of Leonard Bernstein conducting playing on my old stereo that was covered in Batman stickers. I was in my second story room, laying on my bed laying face up looking out my window as a mighty thunderstorm ensued. For me, this symphony cascades memory, purpose, fervency, and depth over my spirit.

Amber and I went to the Winspeare Centre and heard it - part of my life goals (listening to all of Sibelius's symphonies live - just 6 to go now).


I was worked up...

...but now, I figure, the USA will get what they deserve: an ignorant megalomaniac president. Onward MANIFEST DESTINY.