alma mater

Amber and I visited CUC for the first time in 4 1/2 years. It hasn't really changed at all except for the dozens of ugly houses built on the campus and all the torn down ones. I did enjoy visiting with so many old friends (Ian, Mandy, Ravi, Kara, Bob, Chanda, Rhanda, Des, Debra, Daryll, Myla, Josh, Garrick, Merle, Garrett, Tiffany, Jerusha, and Jorel). Most of my friends no longer attend church - all for different reasons. God's taking everyone on a journey - I hope!

Amber and I were excited about eating where we had our first date - Kavaccinos - but it was closed, on a Saturday night!

Saison scored two goals in her game and Dean made the all-star team. We went out to eat at BPs after going to the arena.

We spent the night at Mom's. She took me shopping at employee shopping time at Costco Sunday morning.

Amber and I drove by all these geese on the lake where we first kissed.

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