America's Quest for Global Dominance

Sept 11. And the only thing I can think of is how it was used as an excuse for continued enforcement of 'righteous' global conquest.

I'm reading Chomsky's latest book and I'm just getting angry and frustrated the further I read - I haven't even read 70 pages yet. The arrogance the United States has demonstrated in the past century is abhorrent. From the Philippines to Guatemala to Columbia to Iraq to Chile to Kosovo to Panama to Cuba to Libya to Marshall Islands to Nicaragua to Afghanistan to Venezuela.......... Under the guise of democratic and humanitarian advancement, the USA has looted, displaced, poisoned, disenfranchised, deceived, imprisoned, terrorized, enslaved, polluted, widowed and orphaned. I think the worst detail is that the majority of Americans are either oblivious to these facts or they support these so called ideals.

The fact that the current administration is pressuring the media from showing caskets of dead American soldiers, now over 1,000 dead, and the more than 10,000 civilian Iraqi casualties is a disgrace. What is this carnage accomplishing? Fear. What does fear accomplish? Control. What does control accomplish? Cash.

I have to direct my rage to God and allow Him to transform it into love and passion to serve the oppressed.

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