Saw Napoleon Dynamite. The anticipation was as good as the movie. I hope Garden State is as good.

I made apricot sorbet tonight. It's pretty sweet. Amber is really impressed with it, and really, that's what matters.

I faxed my contract to Living Waters Academy this afternoon. We are moving to Edmonton. I am a music teacher now, or rather soon, I will be one. I can't wait to go to a baton store and choose the perfect one for me. I just hope the band isn't 11 clarinets, 9 flutes, 1 trumpet, 12 saxophones, 1 percussion. I want to do Sibelius proud. Incidentally, Sibelius' 1st Symphony will be performed by the ESO in November. That's one of his seven glorious symphonies that I wish to experience with a live orchestra in my lifetime.

Summer school is exhausting. Thirteen more school days left (or 65 more hours). I wore shorts to work yesterday and my students were more spiffed up than I was. Montreal is killer hot. The Jazz Festival is on and the shows are awesome (Jimmy Bowskill, Besh O Drom, Los de Abajo).

We played tennis at the YMCA. A couple guys reserved the court for the same time, but the desk worker made the reservation for 1 pm rather than 11 am so they were pretty ticked. A little awkward, but we were in our nifty tennis outfits, what option did we have except to demand the court. I won despite the perpetual distraction of Amber's legs.

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Welcome to the ranks of music teachers! I almost applied for that job too, but obviously God wanted you to come back to Alberta. We need to get together when you get back.